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2023 CNC Spray Machine Glue Leather(ZengShi)

hangbag /wallet/belt leather edge  and shoe counter skiving machine ,

top puff skiving machine ,Eva form skiving machine


2023 CNC Spray Machine Glue Leather(ZengShi)

CNC Spray Machine Glue Leather(ZengShi) Google search console


Dimension: 1810*1350*1410mm Rated voltage: 220V

Rated power: 1.0KW air source voltage: 0.5-0.8mpa Weight: 300KG



X axis drive motor: 57 series hybrid two-phase 57 closed loop motor

Y-axis drive motor: 57 series hybrid two-phase 57 closed loop motor

Z axis drive motor: 57 series hybrid two-phase 57 closed loop motor

Mode of movement: three-axis movement


Air extraction mode: drum type axial flow fan

Maximum speed: 500mm/s

Effective working area: X×Y 1200×600MM

Maximum lifting range: Z axis 100mm

Functions and features:

1, main use: Suitable for footwear, wallets, handbags, bags, gift boxes, accessories and other industry materials spray glue.

Two, working range: effective working area 800mm*600mm.

Three, applicable glue: white glue, water-based glue, Yamania glue, super glue.

Four, the main characteristics:

The amount of glue is small, the cost is low, the system runs stably, the spray glue head can be adjusted by itself, the user can adjust the different width of the spray glue according to their own production needs, the 5.20cm glue can be sprayed along the edge of the material, the glue is uniform, the thin glue is easy to dry, the workers stick fast, to achieve high efficiency

Manual foot and automatic control system, touch screen can be arbitrarily set and stored rules and different rules of the graphics 999 energy saving and environmental protection air pumping system can effectively glue glue smell suction treatment, standby fully closed, prevent glue volatiles

  1. Improve efficiency and save manpower; Fast spraying speed, can save 2-4 people, effectively improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs.
  2. Reduce costs; Stable operation of CNC glue spraying system, spray glue evenly, spray width 3-50mm, compared with the traditional brush glue saving glue 40%-60%.

3, easy to operate; Manual, pedal and automatic control systems. The touch screen can be arbitrarily set and stored up to 999 graphics (regular or irregular).

4, environmental protection and energy saving; Air pumping system can filter the smell of glue and mist when spraying glue. Fully closed in standby mode to prevent glue volatilization.

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