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2023 Computer Spray Machine:Step Glue

hangbag /wallet/belt leather edge  and shoe counter skiving machine ,

top puff skiving machine ,Eva form skiving machine


2023 Computer Spray Machine:Step Glue

Computer Spray Machine:Step Glue
Computer Spray Machine:Step Glue

Rated voltage: 220V power 120W Current: 0.6A Frequency: 50-60Hz


Product overview

Water-based glue can be used, so that the glue does not leak a drop, in line with the European and American countries on the glue benzene free technical requirements and environmental protection.

can make the bucket glue sealed for 3 months and the residue in the glue head can be discharged smoothly.

Special use of 180 degrees rotation, in use and rest, divided into two actions are not afraid of dry glue.

This machine is suitable for shoe industry, leather products industry (such as suitcase, wallet, briefcase) stationery industry (send note folder, file folder, document folder). Belt factory equipment and cover, picture frame, sports equipment and other operations.

Simple operation, easy cleaning, save manpower.

Before starting the machine, please confirm whether the following parts have been located

Whether the rear stop is all positioned and whether the nut is locked.

Check whether the power supply is properly connected to AC220V.

Check whether the speed adjustment switch returns to zero.

All the above confirmed checks have been completed.



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