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Computerized shoe sole pressing attaching machine

hangbag /wallet/belt leather edge  and shoe counter skiving machine ,

top puff skiving machine ,Eva form skiving machine


ZS-SSA01 Computerized shoe sole pressing attaching machine

Computerized shoe sole pressing attaching machine

Product description

Characteristic description

  1. This machine is designed with full oil pressure system, which is suitable for the outsole of dragon boat bottom, wall type bag sole sports shoes and leisure shoes. It can be completed once or separately before and after pressing the bottom, pressing the edge and pressing. In addition to saving manpower, uniform pressing, good effect, is the shoe industry upgrade automation of the necessary pressing equipment.
  2. When the operator places the shoe last:

With the displacement of the pressure rod, the laser spot can be accurately irradiated on the heel of the pressure point, to prevent the position of the pressure rod and crush the upper or shoe last.

Laser spot irradiation, can be accurately judged, in the placement of shoe last when there is the middle position of the pressure point, pressure will not be left or right, reduce the adverse phenomenon of pressure. (This function is optional and has been applied for benefit)(Picture -1)

  1. The rising hydraulic cylinder adopts the pre-filled oil design, which can accelerate the rising action of the seat, save operation time and improve economic benefits.
  2. Pressure rod structure adopts oil pressure automatic leveling system, pressure rod height does not need to be adjusted, simple operation.
  3. The pressure rod structure has the automatic tilt Angle positioning design, so that the shoes are easy to take and put, the operation of long or half long shoes is also very convenient.
  4. Each action of the machine has the function of pressure adjustment, so that the shoe outsole pressure is more perfect.
  5. Holding mechanism:


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