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Edge Colouring Machine:Leather edge inking machine

Leather vertical angle?inking machine ,Leather small motor inking /painting machine ,Leather Strap Cutting Machine Leather Strap Cutting Machine,Leather Embossing Press Machine,leather Hot embossing Stamping Machine,Hot embossing Stamping Machine,Leather


Edge Colouring Machine:Leather edge inking machine
Leather edge inking painting machine
Handbag edge coloring machne
Leather shoe  vamp edge inking paiting machine
Leather shoe edge paiting machine
Leather belt edge inking paiting machine

Product details

Edge Colouring Machine:Leather edge inking machine

Leather edge colorirng machine ,leather edge painting machine handbage inking machine ,belt painting machine
The machine is suitable for the belt factory,handbag factory,all kinds of men and women belt head,leather accessories,irregular leather edge oil,with double speed regulationg device,oil and speed are free to allocate. Cooperate with device can realize semi-automatic operation.


1.Check whether the machine voltage (220V) are in conformity with the power supply voltage.
2.Open the power,adjust the flywheel run to adjust to fit the machine speed.
3.Pour the side oil into the three-quarter position of the oil side box. Please do not overfill.
4.According to the need to twist adjusting nut oil to fuel control to the quantity of oil required for the product.
5.Clean the machine when open the power supply with film first scraped off on the side of the tanker oil,and then turn off the machine power supply,remove the oil box fixed nut,remove the oil box rinse immediately with water.M??quina de pintura de tinking de borde de cuero



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