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Plate emboss machine Hydraulic Leather belt

hangbag /wallet/belt leather edge  and shoe counter skiving machine ,

top puff skiving machine ,Eva form skiving machine


Plate emboss machine Hydraulic Leather belt

Belt embossing machine 120T

Plate emboss machine Hydraulic Leather belt Google search console

Product description:

  1. Handsome shape, blue color, super large machinery and equipment, weighing up to 120 tons;

2, pure digital display, temperature, cutting number, with pressure gauge, thermometer and other pure digital display;

3, equipped with anti-wave interference device, designed for interference problems of electronic equipment around the machine, such as telephone;

4, spark protection equipment, the main role is in the operation of the machine, the mold fire, such as the situation, the configuration will automatically cut off the output caused by the spark, the mold is therefore left the operation, effectively protect the mold damage;

5, strong output power, according to the size of the material with the mold can be adjusted to ensure the quality of product processing;

6, the special safety device, an effective remedy for the wrong operation, press the button will automatically cut off the power, back to the pre-boot state.

Belt embossing machine 120T model performance parameters:

Model number:

Working pressure: 160Tons

Motor: 5.5kw

Volume: 1660x940x1810mm

Net weight: 1800kg

Length: 1550mm

Electric heating: 2.1kw

Suitable for: leather, belt, hard and soft plastic, plastic, artificial leather, steering wheel cover, clothing fabric and other industry processing equipment.

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