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Leather edge inking machine: inner frame

Leather Belt Drying Tunnel machine ,leathe handbg drying machine ,Quick drying for the leather belt handbag edge inking finishing


Leather edge inking machine: inner frame
Leather edge inking machine: inner frame
Leather edge inking machine: inner frame

Electronic leather edge inking machine used in the leather sectors of footwear, watchmaking, automotive, nautical, home accessories, furniture and saddler.and the electronic leather edge inking box are easy operation and high effiency. to help factory cost saving and labor saving .

Functional features:

1, decorative line pattern can be easily input through the touch screen.

2. According to the needs of the style, the sewing style can be changed at will, such as two sides or four sides of the sewing, and the rear diagonal stitch with X shape, etc. Can be set to straight line, zigzag stitch or custom pattern stitch; And optionally select the starting point and the number of connecting stitches.

3. The operator only needs to put the sewing material in place, and the sewing and receiving working machinery can be completed automatically. A person can operate up to 3 machines, which greatly improves the output.

Performance index:

Sewing scope Knitting scope 300*200mm
Sewing speed is Max speed 2500rmp
Speed setting speed scope 200-2000rmp; 10-stage setting
Stitch Length Stitch gap 0.1-12.7mm (minimum resolution 0.1mm)
Max stitch 8000 stitches/pattern
Internal memory of Pattern store


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