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leather hangbag Machine:how to make an high quality handbag

leather hangbag Machine

ZengShi Machine have 20years Machine building experience,Having independent development capabilities is not pure trade,we are Professional  for handbag , belt,wallet,shoes ect products  Provide quality machinery,such as leather post bed sewing machine ,  Computerized pattern sewing machine leather edge inking colouring painting machine , conveyor oven dyrer machine and production line,from click cutting,strip cutting, leather edge trimming machine ,Manual、 pneumatic、 hydraulic emobssing machine ,Hammer Flattening Machine ,Handbag bottom pressing with attaching machine etc ,leather cord sewing machine ,full kind of glue machine ,Automatic folding machine ,strap cutting machine ,Automatic CNC Glue Spray Machine etc …

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leather hangbag Machine:how to make an high quality handbag
Edge Colouring Machine:Leather edge inking machine
Leather edge inking painting machine
Handbag edge coloring machne
Leather shoe  vamp edge inking paiting machine
Leather shoe edge paiting machine
Leather belt edge inking paiting machine


leather hangbag Machine
leather hangbag Machine






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