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Leather Sewing Machine stiching

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Leather Sewing Machine stiching


Leather sewing machine stitching Google search console The leather cord sewing machine is design for the leather round rope stitching of the handbag and shoe ,  with high speed for stitching ,to help increase the daily output ,and the machine is direct driver type , power  and laobaor cost saving .

Product characteristics

1. Reduce your reliance on skilled workers, so you can learn quickly.
2. Improve production efficiency, ordinary computer flat car labor efficiency is low.
3. Suitable for all kinds of knitted, woven, denim and elastic fabrics.
4 Infrared automatic counterpoint, no need to draw position, save labor, make the sample, all the same standard.
5. Independent driving motor is adopted, which is not affected by sewing speed, and the cutting quality of the cutter has been significantly improved to achieve perfect incision. In addition, the improvement of the shape of the cutter effectively prevents the bending of the cutter and improves the cutting quality of the elastic fabric



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