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2023 skiving machine:High quality Leather

hangbag /wallet/belt leather edge  and shoe counter skiving machine ,

top puff skiving machine ,Eva form skiving machine


 2023 skiving machine:High quality Leather

Production detials and video show

The Widely used for edge skiving and whole skiving of leather, artificial leather, vinyl and similar materials

Used in conjunction with such products as shoe uppers, leather bags, belts, watch straps, leather upholstery buttons

1. Adopting patented technology and precise design, the whole machine is convenient, and at the same time, it adopts up and down
differential feeding, which can replace
different feeding wheels with root distance materials. The mechanism is excellent in

  • design, with high precision, durability, simple and convenient operation. Safety.

    2 It adopts the first domestic spray cooling device, which can adjust the size of the spray mist according to the different trimming materials, and can choose two modes of wire mounting and spraying. The cold spray device is the first in China, durable and reliable, and operates Convenient.

    1. The upper differential feeding adopts a gearbox with a reasonable speed ratio to feed synchronously to ensure the stability of the cutting product, and the cutting surface is smooth and even.

    4. Using precise gearbox rotation, it is especially suitable for the trimming of extra-thick and extra-hard materials. It can also be used for thin edge sheets of special materials such as hot melt adhesive, Gangbao, middle soleplate, sponge, EVA, and foamed cotton.

    5. The maximum width of plane thinning is 50mm, and the processing thickness is 0.5-5mm.

    6. Adopt enhanced feeding speed regulating motor.

    7. The spindle adopts adjustable speed servo motor.

    8. Comes with a cooling system.

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